About Us

When a group of international experts in IT, legal and finance came together with the same set of core values and placed their adept skills and proficiency to work, the VaLaTech Team was born. The VaLaTech Team may be relatively new but some of the astounding team members have worked together ​for ​more than 20 years​ already.

Our core values are trust, privacy and continuous self-improvement. While we have these values in common, we have different age groups, diverse backgrounds, success roadmaps and visions. In addition, this particular combination helped us to reconcile antagonistic concepts like data protection and KYC/AML CT or copyright and copyleft licenses. Moreover, our various backgrounds helped us find solutions to comply with the regulations in the major jurisdictions when these regulations are different. ​For​ instance, taxation, trademarks and securities.

We believe in specialization and we have partnered with software companies that share the same philosophy. While they’re focusing on software development, we’re focusing on product licensing. When a client needs a custom solution, we are the link between the client and the software team. Thus, we can reach the best and most feasible results for​ everyone.

A closing thought is that, from time to time, all of us are realizing that "you don't know what you don't know," and ​for​ those moments you need a team of experts on your side. We strongly believe that ​for​ our clients, professional and novice alike, the VaLaTech team is that team.