Why should I consider you?

Along with being a one-stop-shop, we believe that it is imperative that we offer great support. This is what today’s platform providers are lacking, this personal experience.

Based upon the current platform industry, the services provided have become a bit copy and paste, with platform providers offering an ‘off-the-peg- solution’ rather than bespoke. We are happy that our solution is fully customisable, and from what we can see, this is a big difference from our competitors. We do not connect platforms, we connect people.

How quick is it to start?

The entire setup can be ready in a few days, provided that all the criteria/requirements are met. The time spent creating the whole business setup is a loss in raising revenues for your start-up, however as a VaLaTech client, you can radically decrease the launch time of your brand.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible, with the client just having to provide the basics. We can also help with every aspect of the client’s website creation, design a logo and are operational 7 days a week, so getting you to market is our priority!

Is it easy for the end-user to use?

We have made the functionality easier on the platform and have eliminated adding functions for the sake of it, which can confuse and create needless support issues. We look to make the experience and decision making more streamlined with all the information that the client needs, in order for the end-user to be able to make more accurate decisions.